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Code of Ethics

NMRIC members:
  • Believe in and support the American way of life and the free enterprise system.
  • Believe in and support the principles and freedoms enunciated by the Constitution of the United States.
  • Believe in and support the principles of fair and equal employment, housing and credit opportunities.
  • Respect and promote the laws of the land, Federal and State Fair Credit Reporting Act(s) as they relate to Tenant Screening Activities.
  • Dedicate themselves to the education, advancement and betterment of the Real Estate industry.
  • Dedicate themselves to the education, advancement and betterment of fellow member screening agencies and promote the progression and dignity of the tenant screening industry.
  • Support and promote principles of the highest standards of integrity, honesty, fairness and dignity without regard to bias or prejudice of any kind or description whatsoever.
  • Promote, employ and maintain the highest standards of integrity, honesty and competence in the performance of their screening obligations and service. NMRIC members operate their businesses with fair and honorable standards of competition, ever mindful of the high ideals, purpose and regulation of the association.
NMRIC members pledge to:
  • Provide a trustworthy, efficient, accurate reporting service for the benefit of the Real Estate owner or manager and the consumer.
  • Adopt every possible safeguard to insure confidential handling of the information contained in the report.
  • Serve only reputable members of the Real Estate community who have permissible purposes for the report.
  • Respond to consumers inquiries with complete and timely information.
  • Terminate business relationships with an end user of reports who requests a violation of this pledge.

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