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In 1985 legislation was proposed to amend the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The proposed amendment would have severely restricted reporting types and amounts of information relating to renters.

The National Apartment Association chose this proposal as one of the bills to direct their lobbying efforts against during the January, 1986 Legislative Conference held in Washington, D.C.

NAA notified local Apartment Associations throughout the country of the proposed legislation and requested that each association notify screening agencies in their area that a special meeting for screening agencies would be held during the Legislative Conference.

While there were only 3 - 4 agencies represented at the meeting, the concept of joining together as a special interest group emerged.

Approximately a year later, an invitation was mailed to all identifiable screening agencies throughout the country. All were invited to attend a meeting of screening agencies in Dallas in March, 1987.

This March meeting developed into the organization meeting and the group was named National Multifamily Resident Information Council - NMRIC.

Thirteen companies were represented. Each of the companies were different - offered different products, etc. - but there was a common goal and philosophy within the members. Each company operated independently of one another, all were regional in scope. But common goals were developed. Those were:

  1. To serve as a watch against adverse state and/or federal legislation, and to have a positive impact on laws as they are written.

  2. To establish standards and ethics for our special industry group, and provide for their equitable enforcement.

  3. To educate customers of resident screening services as to the advantages of using professional screening agencies. This would necessitate a national image - advertising and participating in national trade shows.

  4. To negotiate for national pricing for common products and services.

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